About Us


A concept That Turns The Accomplishment Of Business To Science, Literature, Art And Culture.

Many may have dreamed to attain quality, creativity or inspiration; and those values are their climax, but for us in Telmsan it is only just a beginning; we start where the others stop, in order to highlight the words that summarize all those meanings in the edifice of national pulsing with all those images.

Telmsan is the bright future for the hard work which is based on valid grounds that guarantee the results of the business, and it is an integrated painting combining within its details all the services which we are in need. It is designed to be as independent society that provides the ultimate comfort to whom seeks it. Thus it derives value from the meaning of its name, and regains the luster of its past to give us the high-end image of the hard work which is based on the development of the work itself, in order to transform it from the traditional method to become a science, literature, art and culture.

Thus with its goal of integration, the company seeks to invest and the formation of several entities, including:


Our Business Methodology

Evolution Towards The Best

Our business methodology in Telmsan is in line with the development of our daily life with the preservation of heritage and cultural values of our society. We use the best international experts in order to harness the progress and technology in the service of our rich culture, thus we shall realize the balance between them to let our society enjoy what it needs out of both parties.

Statement Of General Manager

Vision, Credibility & Diligence

"In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Compassionate" “ Success needs courage and not rushing steps “ the experts said and it is as a ladder requires high intention and sincere determination in order to reach its peak, and what they mean out of that is to offer incentives for hard work and credibility to reach the peaks of success. This is what we had started in Telmsan.

Telmsan We fully believe, since the establishment of the company, that if the hard work coupled with dedication and patience, its destiny will be inevitably success. Today, with the support of God, we have been able in Telmsan to gain a distinctive level, so we preceded even the planned schedule, and this success was not possible, but thanks to the concerted efforts of its employees who have strong values such as quality, inspiration and creativity.

had started with an idea, that deserves attention; where the market lacks the presence of an entity which offers different, precise and sophisticated services, while maintaining the high quality and accomplishing business in a standard time record period, and in order to achieve these requirements; national manpower - who do not feel tired nor boredom - worked day and night, until the said idea became as an innovation and a model role that followed in building a significant added value for the client in particular and citizens in general to fulfill its target of establishing a solid scientific base and a real durable product for the others.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far in Telmsan, bearing in mind that all these achievements are only the foundation stone for better success and the distinguished mark that are considered the best in the contracting and engineering projects.

Our ambition will not end unless our brand will become as a star in the world of finance and business and bring it up to the ranks of international companies and create the subsidiaries which will have an influence extended over the humanitarian, developmental and aesthetic needs. Thus our customers’ trust is the most precious thing we have.

Our Pillars

Quality, Inspiration & Creativity

Out of that unique city we had derived our pillars and out of its beauty we had inspired our ideas and from its fragrant history we gained our culture. We accumulated experience in order to assemble in one mold and offer it to you, which preserves our heritage and place us at the gate of civilization, human progress and the promising future.

Out of its durable and strong walls we adhere to the quality, and in being a compound of the people and the unity and cohesion of its population and their deepen thoughts and desire to upgrading and establishing a city which will be an enjoyable for thought, mind and spirit and for that we had started our creativity in execution. Due to the fact that it was the hub of civilization that has a long history and past track coincided by different civilizations, where the people met from around the world to share their experiences and cultures and learn from each other, by this we had been inspired and for the sake to have our business pillars, success and excellence basics which are based on the triangle of quality, creativity and inspiration.

Our Vision

Create A Unique Experience

Our vision is to transform Telmsan to a landmark, leading and reliable system in providing innovative products and services derived from the deep-roots and legacy of its past and living up to the expectations of its customers and their participation up to the new standards.

Our vision is to transform Telmsan to an integrated company for producing and marketing of practical solutions based on creating a unique experience in several areas, in order to become one of the leading companies in conversion of commercial transactions in the business sector to emulate the unique experience of individual style and the change of his concept regarding the process of his surroundings discovery and so it will give a real new birth that produces a sense of harmony between the customer’s perspective and the business method.

Our Mission

Create Different Entities Follow Unified Values

Our mission is to transform Telmsan to an integrated company for producing and marketing of practical solutions based on creating a unique experience in several areas, including the fields of constructions, real estate, entertainment, retail, education, financial services, manufacturing and consulting services and others to develop a new benchmark in quality and access to new levels of creativity and as well as inspiring the commercial system, in order to organize Telmsan Group as an integrated group and as a place that inspires a way of doing business.

Our Values

Basics Designated For The Development, Attention And Communication

Our business revolves around our commitment to our core values, which are entirely based on placing the issues of our customers on top of our activities list.
Customer care:
We are not only committed ourselves to meet all the needs of our customers, but also to provide them services beyond their expectations.
Trust, transparency and integrity:
We do everything openly and in addition to our commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards as individuals and as company.
Absolute Communication:
A spirit of dialogue and its practice in everything we do.
Staff development and positive work environment:
We always follow the habilitation of cadres and concern for our staff to accomplish the business to the fullest.
Innovation and speed in implementation:
We enhance excellence, motivate creativity and care for the ideas to make sure that always get the best results.
Development of our present as a result of our inveterate past:
We contribute to the fulfilling of a better tomorrow by being inspired from the legacy and deep-roots of our glorious past. It is the source of our inspiration for the development of our present.