Telmsan Information Technology


Telmsan Information Technologies is one of the Telmsan business group and we are specialized in information and communication services and solutions. Telmsan Information Technologies is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and it was established in January 2011, and the head quarter located in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Our Vision

Telmsan Information Technologiesvision is to be a leader in the information and communications technology by providing a vast range of services and consultancy based on cumulative experience and strong managerial principles and utilizing sophisticated electronic hardware and software tools.
Telmsan Information Technologies strives for growth which would be a product of unparalleled customer service
TelmsanInformation Technologies also strives for enhancing customers awareness to achieve leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Competency and efficiency always will be our cornerstone.

Our Mission

Telmsan Information Technologies mission is to “provide our clients with professional knowledge, outstanding customer service, and unique insurance options by leveraging our team’s impressive long years of experience and expertise”.

Telmsan Information Technologies objective is to provide protection and services to customers through recruitment of exceptional human resources.

Our Message

Is to provide information and communications technology services with high quality and in a professional manner

Our Values

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Committed to world’s best practices, standard and methodologies.
  • Ensure every project is completed successfully on time and within budget.
  • Move businesses and help them grow in a highly competitive environment
  • Raise the performance and increase the productivity of the work environment.
  • Complying with the highest business and Personal Ethics


Differentiation is derived from:

  • The cumulative Experience and know how of its Management
  • The Expertise and Skills of the Engineers, technicians and Staff
  • The use of advances and state of the art Equipment and Tools
  • Known to deliver projects to the highest possible quality on time and within budget.
  • We develop solutions and provide consultation in a professional way
  • A good relationship with the vendors and the business partners

Key Competencies

  • Reputation for the highest Quality Standards.
  • Strong relationships with key repeat clients.
  • Client Oriented – not Claims Oriented.
  • Significant Experience in dealing with Complex Projects.
  • Significant Experience in dealing with Complex Projects.
  • Management involvement in da y to day operations.
  • Strong & skilled Engineering Team.

Our Services

We develop solutions and provide consultation services for:


  • Traditional infrastructure (Servers, storage, network)
  • Converged infrastructure (Virtualization tools, servers, storage, network)
  • Cloud infrastructure (Microsoft – Amazon)
  • Hyperconverged infrastructure (on prem and cloud)

Information Security

  • Build information security systems based on ISO 27001



Backup and Recovery solutions

  • On prem and cloud

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud computing, networking
  • Disaster recovery plan

Our Clients

Our Technology Partners