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Based on the word’s origin and its meaning we have set up our goals & strategy


It is called pearl of Arab Morocco and proud of its glorious and booming past with Andalusian features that deep rooted in the grand Islamic Morocco and its natural scenic spots, it is “the city of art and history” as it was called by the world traveler George Marsi.

Due to its many timeless exquisite artistic buildings, and its intellectual, cultural and political past has joined efforts of the generous beautiful nature and the efforts of the innovative and creative man to build a city of superior upscale, pleasing the mind, heart and soul at one time.

It has reached the highest rank in the classification of beauty, majesty and perfection and deserved thanks to all the above mentioned, and to be called the jewel of grand Morocco and Granada of Africa.


The name of Telmsan consists of two Barber (Amazigh) words; the “tlem” means “collect” and “an” means “two”, due to unifying two cities while George Marsa believes that the name of Telmsan is derived from Tamazight words “ tla “ and “ msan “; and the meaning of first word is “spring” and the second word is “spirit” and by that the meaning of Telmsan becomes “ the spring of spirit, in another interpretation; it is a deviated plural form of “tlemceen” (i.e. as it is pronounced with low intonation/bounce and pause) and the singular form of Telmsan means water fountain or spring, thus the name will have the meaning of “the city of springs”.

On the other hand, Ibn Alarabi said that the name has Arabic origin and consists of two words “tlem” and “insan” and to become the “gathering of people” and it was called during the era of the Fourth Andalusian State “Bomaria” and it means “Maria Wall” or “ Maria Castle” as Agadir.


It was inhabited by Berbers 2665 years ago who established the Numidian State and then inhabited by Alphenadl and later by the Carthginian Romans in the fifth century AD. Its Islamic history started 671 AD with the arrival of Umayyad and they called it “ The Wall “ , because it was very fortified, then it was ruled by the Abbsids followed by Bano Ranana, Idrisids, Alsnhajian who were followers of Fatimids and after that Almurbiton, Almowahidoon, then Bani Abdul Wad, Marinids, at last the Ottomans and it had survived againt the Spaniards.

But the real history of Telmcen dating back to the prehistoric period where the region of Telmsan was inhabited since the Stone Age, as evidenced by the discovery in 1875 by George Pletcher of the old effects as polished shovels from the Era Stone in the Bo Dgan Caves. In 1941, Mr. Iastawni had discovered an amazing stone hone tool in the area of Bab Al-Qarmadeen and dating back to Stone Age and is located at present in the city museum. Also there were other discoveries in caves of Lalla City Plateau in the area of Bani Boblan Village; rich archaeological sites that consist of a set of 2000 pieces dating back to the Middle Stone Age and mixed with human bones. Tlemecn was one of the powerful cities in many states during different historical periods as the Tsarist Mauritania and the Empire of Sifaks, Masinisa and Yogrta.


Telmsan is famous for its Andulisian architectural and Krak des Chevaliers which was impregnable and where the court of Lalla City is located and it is a majestic imperial court matching the courts of the Persians & Romans together.

There is one of the most famous houses of Sofis “ Tagalima Corner “ and it had been chosen as the Capital of Islamic Culture for the year 2011. It was the final destination of thousands of Cordova and Granada residents after the fall of Andalus.

Telmsan Company

Telmsan’s name carries with it a lot of rich meanings, and as it is mentioned it bears the name of a city called by many people “ Pearl of Arab Morroco.

It was a city that distinguished by its charming nature and the high class of its deep roots, and that name has reflected on our company’s elegance and the diversity of its services, but Telmsan’s Company had derived its values from the most commonly meaning “ The City of Springs” , and Telmsan’s is a group of companies, each one of that group grows , expands and attains economical success, in order to add value to the company, staff and clients.

The same as the springs contribute in increasing affluence and enrich life. Due to the meaning’s implications of generosity, flexibility and inspiring and based on that we used the grey color to symbolize them and express the meanings of trust, power and seriousness.