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Proper Planning And Promising Opportunities For Growth

As a result of the accelerated pace of construction market and the increasing growth that was witnessed in the region due to population growth and the expansion of infrastructure works, it became necessary to find appropriate solutions to meet those growing needs. Starting from this point, Telmsan Contracting had taken for itself a new turn and entered the construction market supported by a new conception that combines the speed required for executing the projects and the preservation of the quality as a fundamental criterion in all of its projects.

Due to the large number of projects, the companies had started implementing their projects by the required speed at the expense of quality or vise versa. Thus Telmsan has been characterized among the other companies for its success in achieving the equation between execution speed and quality of performance and Telmsan Company has been emerged quickly and distinguished from others for its speed and quality.

Telmsan Contracting Company is considered one of the modern Saudi companies specialized in the work of building construction in the Saudi market. In spite of its short time in the market, Telmsan Contracting has proven its power that lies in the possession of the basic success elements and this was as a result of its proper selection of a highly skilled, experienced, capable, outstanding and creative, who work together as one team, and they have a strong desire to prove the existence and excellence in the market of building construction. Thus, the company was able shortly to begin working on the implementation of some outstanding projects. For the sake of our continued success, Telmsan Contracting is keen to properly plan for the possession of the substantial share in this market in the near future. Our company has implemented several projects, and continues to implement new projects with full quality and creativity in design. All of the said projects have received the full satisfaction of Telmsan Contracting‘s clients.   

Our Mission

Superiority To Become The Most Successful

Our mission is to provide the highest levels of quality, transparency and speed in the implementation of contracting projects through innovation and providing outstanding services in addition to the use of high caliber and excellence in our operational processes to achieve the aspirations of our clients so we become the most successful contractors.

Our Vision

Upgrading And Continuous Development

Our vision is embodied in the transfer of the construction sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the institutional and professional work, based on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of products and services and a full commitment to speed the achievement and its quality, in order to improve the construction sector to keep pace with the international and world standards.

Our Strategy

The First And Most Important Step In Business

Our strategy lies in the proper planning and excellence of the execution and the dedication to business through enriching the company with highly and renewable experienced and outstanding creative capable personnel team, and the application of implementing processes that reflects the accuracy of the achievement and the quality in the performance and the planned expansion by using the latest and best equipment and applying the innovative methods to maintain the highest degree of safety. In addition to work on the habilitation of the company to be one of the leading companies in the field of construction. We have made a covenant to implement continuous improvement initiatives without compromising our core values of honesty, integrity, quality, safety, productivity and teamwork.

Our strategy has been developed to become one of the leading construction companies in the public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our organization Chart also provides a framework for the activities required to achieve our goals, which include all the concrete features and are updated regularly to help shaping the behavior of company’s members.

Telmsan Contracting Company seeks out to be a distinguished and pioneered model with the lead of a qualified management team comprised of a group of professional and experienced engineers along with specialized labor with diligent training based on a broad range of heavy equipment and keeps track of the latest engineering methods and techniques of construction. As always uses the best building materials.

We bear in mind the achievement of the following strategies

1- Organizing and operating the processes and ensure their integrity, proper application and functionality, and their continued processing and development and the full compliance with the agreed upon schedules of delivery, and offering the added value as an efficient, professional and reliable contracting company in implementing projects.

2- Conducting, supporting and development of work systems to raise the level of performance in all activities with the full commitment to quality, and adherence to the highest standards and applying the comprehensive quality approach in performance.

3- Winning an advanced level of satisfaction from various clients through the realization of their expectations and the positive interaction with them, and providing them the added value in the process of project management.

4- Constant interaction in overcoming the difficulties and enhancing the level of interaction and communication using positive, supporting and motivating behavior.

5- Taking advantage of the technical developments in the field of contracting and harnessing them as much as possible.

6- Preparing programs and adopting the necessary means to implement the training plans, and habilitating the best staff and focusing on raising the executive manpower level by continuous training until acquiring proficiency, and developing and habilitating the staff to lead in all functions of the enterprise and achieving its objectives and that due to our awareness of the importance of the individual and his ability to build an effective management.

7- Compliance with engineering criteria and standards and optimal use of value engineering in a way that enhances the homogeneity, speed and efficiency of the development of projects.

 8- Reducing the level of risk that endangering the work and taking the necessary monitoring procedures to control and manage them in a proper manner and promoting the principle of comprehensive safety in all projects.

Our Products and Services

One Stop Shop For All Contracting Works

Telmsan Contracting Company has the movement of construction & reconstruction as its first priority, because it is specialized in the construction of new buildings and reconstruction of old and affected buildings and conducting the restoration and rehabilitation required for the components through the implementation of all civil, mechanical, electrical and architectural works included in the following activities:

Structural and civil projects

Telmsan Contracting pays special attention to the structural and civil projects being considered as the first step in the way of access to any constructional edifice and because this sector requires the inspiration and creativity that Telmsan Comapany has got. The construction teams execute the structural and civil works accompanied by specialized technical expertise in all forms of structural engineering, where our structural engineers act in a leading supervision role to ensure the integrated structural engineering implementation, until it meets the priority and integrated attention through the process of the implementation and construction planning, and up to the stage of delivery and the efficiency of the structure and the commitment to the designs as a guarantee.

Architectural projects

Architectural projects are considered the actual embodiment of inspiration that recreated by the civil projects. The work of this sector is focused on the implementation of the basic foundation “quality” upon which Telmsan Company has been established. Implementation of the projects is in accordance with the highest levels and balancing between speed of delivery and maintaining the absolute quality. In Telmsan Contracting, the Department of the Implementation of Architectural Porjects has developed an integrated view of all the elements of implementation, including the obligation to drawings and architectural designs, and contributes to the development of integrated solutions, taking into consideration the basics of the craft and the skill of even the smallest details of implementation in line with the high quality. Also Telmsan Contracting is interested in the affectivity of project management to provide a work featured by precision, beauty, quality and commitment to the profession and the application corresponding to engineering standards.

Electromechanical projects (Electrical and Mechanical)

Electromechanical projects gain special importance because they will be a daily part of the project beneficiaries’ life after the accomplishment. So Telmsan Contracting conducts plentiful of studies in order to do the implementation of electrical and services networks and the mechanical plumbing work, in a way that fully guaranteed quality for users of the implemented projects. Whereas the company has a group of experience engineers and technicians who provide additional value in the use of craft and precision in execution and committed to the engineering standards and conducting the necessary tests following the latest methods and standards. The team also provide the appropriate solutions in collaboration with the best specialized companies to implement actions that require special competence such as the alarm & fire-fighting systems and security systems and others.

Infrastructure projects

Telmsan Contracting views the infrastructure projects from a totally different perspective, which is the basis for any project. It shall ensure to award the sustainability and quality to the project, where Telmsan Contracting Company bears the responsibility for ensuring the implementation of the infrastructure works and that the said implementation has been done according to the highest standards, which qualify it to participate in important projects in the sectors of transportation, logistics services and networks for water, sanitation, electricity and rainwater drainage, sport areas and irrigation and others.

Projects of buildings and steel structures

Telmsan Contracting Company supplies and installs all the iron and metal works including the bases, inauguration and fixing, where the company has a dedicated team qualified for the installation of metal structures and all the decorative and structural related accessories. As well as the company’s team is specialized in constructing the buildings of factories, warehouses, terraces, umbrellas and many others.

Our Projects

Accumulated Experience And Diversity In Implementation

Telmsan Contracting Company is proud of implementing many projects. Thank God, it has been awarded contracts for implementing various projects in the government and private sectors. These are examples of the projects, but not only limited to include the following:


Civil Defense Project

insiad imag

Ministry Of Petroleum Project


King Saud Medical City


King Saud Medical City

Our Clients