Telmsan Trading


Sound Planning And Promising Growth Opportunities

Telmsan Trading Company is a subsidiary of Telmsan Company. Telmsan Trading commenced its operations in 2013 in the field of import, export and distribution. Telmsan Trading is one of the leading companies with the capabilities to perform the import, distribution and marketing of new and seasonal products, taking into account international standards in importing and marketing imported materials and contracted services in the best conditions for all customers in different regions.

Telmsan Trading is keen to use the systems and technologies of international companies, regarding the selection of the best imported or domestic products that are certified health-safe by competent authorities at home and abroad and which enjoy mastery and devotion in work, thanks to the extensive experience of our management team, which has a high level of professionalism and training. Today we have the ability to supply products to service and social institutions, private companies, major internet stores and public institutions in the public and private sectors throughout the Kingdom through our services in all our branches and agents.

Our Vision

Continuous Development And Promotion

Our vision is to be an international leading company, in the import and distribution of luxury products for e-stores, relying on innovation, overall quality, achieving the interests of the relevant parties and establishing the same as a unique competitive culture and feature.

Our Message

Excellence To Become The Most Successful.

To achieve our vision of leadership in the import and distribution of luxury products, we aim to provide high quality products by following best practices in the overall supply chain and reinforcing the distribution system to transform our approach into a business model that our customers can trust with the highest level of satisfaction.

Our Values

Talent - Collaboration - Trust - Passion

Telmsan Trading is characterized by its reliance on values that stems from the foundations of trust and common interests and looks forward to improving the import and distribution system by delivering the highest standards of quality and innovation, thanks to our team of diverse workforces looking for the best potential resources in all steps of our activity.

1- Recruiting, developing and maintaining the best talent In Telmsan Trading, we believe in the culture of knowledge exchange, so we employ the most qualified individuals around the world and develop and maintain their capabilities.

2- Working as a team Telmsan Trading team spares no effort to achieve a common goal while adhering to good performance and success. Telmsan Trade operates in a team spirit as an organization to achieve the aspired business results and high performance.

3- Integrity, honesty, trust and respect Telmsan Trading is not compromised on integrity, honesty, trust and respect, thus, Telmsan Trading's business culture is based on the high ethics which reflected on business processes and dealing with its employees, customers and market associates. Telmsan Trading is focused on acting in the right way for the right cause and carrying out all actions out of honesty and trust.

4- Passion Telmsan Trading business, is not only associated with the provision of a particular type of new product. It is also about creating new ideas and winning renewable markets, goods and services. Above all, Telmsan Trading is interested in living with its customers' experience, achieving excellence, and providing the most desirable services and products.

Our Business Model

The First And Most Important Step In The Work

Believing in the amazing development in the field of e-shopping, and since that the shopping process is made through a single click to deliver the product to the customer's doorstep, instead of taking the hours to roam through the stores, so we decided in Telmsan Trading to storm the field of e-shopping and take a part in its development with effort and honesty. Our vision at Telmsan Trading is up to the highest levels of e-service based on trust, quality and excellence of the products, and we ensure that the Telmsan trading shopping experience is fun, exciting and useful.
In this wake, we were present in the field of online shopping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf region through many channels, including but not limited to:

  • Presence through the internet through our website .
  • Presence via our own application can be downloaded via all smart devices and it is easily and conveniently used, which makes it easy to reach us anytime and from anywhere
  • Partnering with the largest electronic sales platforms such as (Amazon Saudi Arabia - Noon - Jolly Chic - ............), where our customers can access all our products through the electronic platforms of our partners.
  • Physical presence, through a well-thought-out plan to establish a number of showrooms in the finest commercial complexes.

Our Goals

Among the most important objectives of Telmsan , is that it seeks to open the door to cooperation and provide our services in the field of supply, where Opal performs its services in accordance with international specifications and standards through a group of experienced suppliers. The company also strives to satisfy its customers and establish long-term relationships with them, and contribute to their access to their needs as quickly as possible and at reasonable prices and according to special specifications.

Our Strategy

Quality - Development - Client - Responsibility

Since the establishment of Telmsan Trading, our strategy has relied on 4 main axes.

1- Quality: In light of the huge crowd of goods and services in the market we took it upon ourselves the importance of providing goods and services that percive the needs of the customer and provide him with a real benefit of the best possible quality, thus making us experts in our field.

2- Development: Due to the rapid changes in lifestyle and the development of customer aspirations, we, at Telmsan Trading are constantly working to develop goods and services to be the best real value choice.

3- Customer: Telmsan trading do not deal with our customers from the standpoint of a company and a client, but we work on building strong long-term relationships that provide the client with the sense of being import, on a personal level and his decent position in Telmsan Trading and for us, he is more than just a customer, that we just seek for his money in return for the goods and services we provide.

4- Responsibility: Being an integral part of the fabric of society, Telmsan trading is focused on having an active role in this field, where we work hard within our community responsibility to provide environmentally friendly goods and contribute to programs that increase community awareness.

Why we are different

  • We provide the requirements of our customers with the best quality and at the lowest possible price.
  • Creating distinctive services and products.
  • Helping start-ups and medium-sized enterprises to achieve their goals.
  • To gain the trust of our customers.
  • Increasing the number of our customers locally and internationally.

Our Products and Services

One station for a variety of services and products

First: Import and distribution

Beauty and care products:

Because our customers are distinguished and we realize that the expectations of obtaining high quality products from Telmsan for trade is not something that you bargaining, and due to importance of beauty and care products, we reached far for the experts of the field, and selected the best products made by the best experts, based on scientific studies and medical foundations and were extracted from the finest types of plants and herbs to satisfy the needs and aspirations of our customers and even more, we have been ahead and pioneered in working on the unique quality products that relies on the use of oils and aromatic products that help improve mood and increase natural wellness and cognitive physiology which currently known as the science of (AROMTHERAPY)

Home accessories:

We provide a wide range of household accessories that are indispensable in any home such as aromatic odorants of various types and shapes, aromatic candles, display frames for gifts and souvenirs, car odorants and other accessories that add a touch of taste and elegance to your home or workplace.

Women's adornment products:

We have a special section for women and their interests and we have made sure that our products in this respect are international products that have excellent quality in order to meet the aspirations of women and their constant search for all that is new in the field of make-up and adornment.

Men care products:

In light of the rapid development and preoccupation of men in the business market, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide men's care products such as shavers and their accessories (we specialize in one of the best brands in the world).

Accessories for electronic devices:

We worked on providing a wide range of electronic accessories such as music speakers and sound amplifiers in various forms as well as mobile phone speakers and mobile chargers with different capacities and a wide variety of smart device accessories such as charging connections and data travelers, as well as protection patches for various types of screens and an attractive selection of covers and phone cases to satisfy all tastes and ages.

Sports products:

We have products of interest to every sports practitioner, especially outdoor sports.

Second: Import on demand

In cooperation with our partners, we provide all the products and services required by the market in order to be the first destination and the focus of consumers' attention.

Our Clients